Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    I was looking for novelties based in the United States, Canada and other areas. Do you offer those?

    Yes we do. For US, Canada and Offshore novelties please visit our US dedicated novelty site BANKUS
  • 2
    How many transactions will fit on one single page for one month only at the standard price?

    All statements are different but normally between 15 to 20 transactions per single page.
  • 3

    How to place an order or request?

    To place an order and get an accurate quote you need to go to our Order Form Page and fill the appropriate form. You can also watch our Video Guide to learn more about our services and how it works.
  • 4

    How long does it take to have my order ready?

    We issue normally orders within 3 business days after payment is received. However rush fees are available for a faster delivery which can cut waiting time by half. Rush fees can be seen when filling out the order form.
  • 5

    Can I provide my own data to create my customized novelties?

    Yes, all data is provided by the customer or can also be randomized on request.
  • 6

    What if the bank I need does not show on the list while filling the order form?

    In that case select "other" when filling the order form which also allows you to attach a sample.
  • 7

    Can I view some samples before placing an order?

    Yes you can view samples at our samples page. Note that not all our products are displayed at our sample page. To view a full list of our available bank novelties please visit the products' page.
  • 8

    Which forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Bitcoin as method of payment mainly. For UK customers apart from Bitcoin there is also Bank Transfer option. We do not process credit/debit cards due to data protection and customer privacy reasons.
  • 9

    Can I have my order delivered faster as a returning customer?

    Yes as for returning customers we offer a credit line where customers can make bulk payments in advance for future orders. By creating a credit line with us customers cut clearance waiting times considerably.
  • 10
    What if I need a different product which does not fit any of the order forms available?

    In that case please fill out the other projects order form.
  • 11
    I'm having some difficulties to understand the whole ordering process. Can you simplify it?

    We can help you to understand it better at our "how to" page which is design based on step by step tutorials..
  • 12

    How do you guarantee my privacy and the security of my data?

    Our terms and conditions abide under the data protection act and we do delete all customer data from our databases after 72 hours of order being issued.
  • 13

    How long have you been in the industry?

    We have been issuing novelties since 2006. We deal with both new and returning customers.

We have only placed the most asked questions on this page. If you have any other question not addressed here please feel free to ask and we will answer as soon as possible.